Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Proxy Switcher

You can use TCP Port Mapper to automatically switch your web browser's proxy setting and surf the web anonymously.
  1. In tcpportmap.ini configure ListenPort setting: ListenPort=3128 (listen incoming connections on port 3128).
  2. In tcpportmap.ini configure MapFromFile setting: MapFromFile=c:\proxies.txt (load proxies from file c:\proxies.txt).
  3. Setting ProxyMode should not be present in tcpportmap.ini or it can be equal NONE: ProxyMode=NONE (turn off Proxy Mode).
  4. You can configure SwitchMapConnections setting: SwitchMapConnections=10 (automatically switch to the next proxy each 10 connections).
  5. Run TCPPortMap.exe.
  6. Configure your web browser's proxy settings to use proxy

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