Friday, May 27, 2011

Thumbnail Grabber 1.3 - JPEG Quality

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The new version of Thumbnail Grabber allows to set the JPEG Quality of the produced thumbnail images - an integer value between 1 and 100 (100 - the best quality).

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Watermarks in Web Image Uploader

Web Image Uploader 1.3 is able to automatically watermark uploaded images.

You can select watermark image and the position of watermark by changing these options:

- Horizontal Align: Left, Center, Right.
- Vertical Align: Top, Center, Bottom.
- Horizontal Indent.
- Vertical Indent.

Also you can select Alpha blending (%) and transparent color of watermark image.

Press "Preview" button to see how the picture with watermark will look like.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Web Image Uploader

Web Image Uploader is a tool that allows to upload all images from the specified folder to an image hosting services (first version supports only imgur).

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Howto: run several instances of proxy checker

This trick is about running several instances of proxy checker from different locations (folders).

To run 2 instances of Web Proxy Checker you need to create 2 folders for each instance (for ex. C:\WPC1 and C:\WPC2) and copy to these folders 4 files from C:\Program Files\Opt-In Software (I assume that proxy checker was installed to this folder):


Now you can run 2 instances of proxy checker (wpcp.exe) - first instance from folder C:\WPC1, second instance from folder C:\WPC2.

The problem here is that by default Web Proxy Checker stores application settings to user's Application Data folder. That means that all instances of program will share their settings. To avoid this problem you can use command line argument -appsettingsdir to specify where to save application settings.

To run first instance use this command:

C:\WPC1\wpcp.exe -appsettingsdir

To run second instance use this command:

C:\WPC2\wpcp.exe -appsettingsdir

The same trick works for other Opt-In Software applications: Web Searcher, Web URL Shortener, etc.

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