Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web Searcher 2.1 - backlinks

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Web Searcher 2.1 released. New version allows to extract backlinks to your sites or web pages.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Web Searcher 2.0

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New Web Searcher 2.0 released. It has several improvements according to the previous version.

Web Searcher 2.0 is able to load keywords from the file.

Options, specific to the search process, now located on the Options tab within Search.

Web Searcher 2.0 is able to load urls from the file, then load web pages for each url and extract emails and links from these web pages.

Options, that describe how to extract and process links, located on the URLs tab.

Extracting urls from web pages is a new feature in Web Searcher 2.0, that was not implemented in old version.

The "Load extracted URLs" option allows to extract data not only from one found (or loaded) web page, but also from all linked web pages. To extract data from one web site only check the option "Extract URLs from the same domain only".

Emails tab contains the options that allow to extract emails from web pages.

Web Searcher can use HTTP(s) and SOCKS(4/5) proxies.

"Filter URL Rules" and "Filter Title Rules" allows to filter extracted links.
It is good idea to discard URLs with non-html-or-text content: images, executables, etc.

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