Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Howto: run several instances of proxy checker

This trick is about running several instances of proxy checker from different locations (folders).

To run 2 instances of Web Proxy Checker you need to create 2 folders for each instance (for ex. C:\WPC1 and C:\WPC2) and copy to these folders 4 files from C:\Program Files\Opt-In Software (I assume that proxy checker was installed to this folder):


Now you can run 2 instances of proxy checker (wpcp.exe) - first instance from folder C:\WPC1, second instance from folder C:\WPC2.

The problem here is that by default Web Proxy Checker stores application settings to user's Application Data folder. That means that all instances of program will share their settings. To avoid this problem you can use command line argument -appsettingsdir to specify where to save application settings.

To run first instance use this command:

C:\WPC1\wpcp.exe -appsettingsdir

To run second instance use this command:

C:\WPC2\wpcp.exe -appsettingsdir

The same trick works for other Opt-In Software applications: Web Searcher, Web URL Shortener, etc.


  1. what is to fill in anonymity check url and resolve reverse proxies?

    1. To resolve reverse proxies you can use this link: http://automation.whatismyip.com/n09230945.asp

    2. thanks sir and on anonymity check url?

    3. Put on your web server php script that returns all http request headers back to client (example of php script you can find here: http://www.optinsoft.com/getheaderssrc.php) and use url of that php script in proxy checker.

  2. @Opt-In Software the link http://automation.whatismyip.com/n09230945.asp you gave for to resolve reverse proxies is dead by now. Do you have any example for it like the anonymity checker one?