Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Web Searcher 1.1 released

Web Searcher is a new program to search in Google and MSN for keywords. It allows you to extract links and titles from the search engines and check the positions of your web pages in the search results.

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How it works

1. Perform Google or MSN search for specified keywords.
2. Repeat steps 3-6 for each result page.
3. Extract all urls and titles from the page.
4. Filter out search engine related links (cached pages, about, etc.).
5. Filter urls and titles according to the Extract URL Rules and the Extract Title Rules.
6. Save urls, ranks (positions in the search result) and titles to the output file.

Example: find the position of your website in Google for keywords: seo, optimization, google.

1. Run Web Searcher.

2. Enter "seo optimization google" into keywords field.

3. Enter the path to the output file.

4. Turn on Out ranks and Out titles checkboxes.

5. You can split output file into smaller size files with specified number of lines by setting the Results per file value.

6. Check Google item in Search Engines list, leave MSN item unchecked.

7. Turn on the Extract URLs from checkbox and set the top search results to 1000.

8. If you want to find only the first link to your site in the search results,
select Extract 1 first URLs.

9. On Extract URL Rules tab select Discard all URLs that not contain Accept URLs strings or contain Discard URLs strings and enter your site (for example: optinsoft.net) to the Accept URLs list.

10. Turn on Write results to log.

11. Press Start button.

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